The fight scene I've been struggling with for years. The one I've delayed writing until this final revision. The sequence of one of the two BIG FIGHTS in my book is finally falling to my fingers as I write it out.

I've got 4 other fights scenes that have been in there since the beginning and though they have been revised twice, this is one has read for years as:

== fight here, 1000 wds

I've had the idea to resolve it for a couple years but it's only gotten unlocked tonight. English soccer reports. Sports journalism in the UK makes for great inspiration when writing phony medieval sword fights. At least, a really well written match report does for me.

I've got my 1000 wds and probably have another 250-500 to go. But I'm on my way. Oh, it feels nice.

Just looking back through my archive, I started writing preliminary material in mid-2001. The first draft of the first chapter shows a date of Jan 21, 2002. I'll finish this in just under 8 years. Just two chapters to go.

Then on to the rejections!


From The Rejection Pile

I was thinking of the Senryu today when considering forms of poetry that are pleasant to write. I remembered learning of them from McSweeney's (one of my fave online destinations) and their Senryu contest. I liked my entry even though they didn't.

I silence the scream
from the devil's digital face
nine more minutes.