Somewhere in between running an improv school, doing shows, teaching classes, surfing the web, playing Torchlight, playing Mega Man 9, playing Baldur's Gate, playing with my kids, something something something with my wife, I finished my novel. It's a straight up Fantasy novel. No wizards or elves or what not but it does have "Swords with Names", one of the biggest cliches ever. Still, I think there are a few interesting ideas in there and few more buried in those. I like to encrypt ideas within ideas. I aimed to make the book superficially good but then if you put a bit of work into it (I mean minimal) you get a little something more out of it. Good novels have that so I aimed to write a good novel.

I both like it and despise it. Started in 2001 in my spare time, the bulk of it written in 2002 when I was laid off, interrupted rudely by two kids, then edited and revised during my second redundancy in 2009. I'll submit it around. With zero expectation. The best possible outcome would be for someone to ask to see something else I've written (or will write). Actually getting published seems like fool's gold.

Do I try again? I have three ideas. Not sure I like any of them...