I Have It Pretty Good

The rundown on yesterday's Father's Day:

- Sleeping in
- Bacon and Eggs
- Afternoon nap
- Family grocery excursion
- Mowing the lawn (boo!)
- Beer with my feet in the kiddie pool
- Watergun fight with kids
- Steak for dinner and Apple Crumble for dessert
- Playing video games with the wifey (not a euphemism)

Mood: Feeling loved


The Glass Floor

Found this in a slashdot conversation today. A lot of this seems at first blush to be total BS but I need to think and talk about this more before coming to a conclusion.

Warren Farrell is a somewhat controversial author on men's issues who has actually spent quite a bit of time exploring this exact question. He proposed, with appropriate evidence, that while women have made great strides in reducing the effects of the "glass ceiling", they tend to ignore the "glass floor" in which men tend to occupy undesirable and often dangerous professions. Examples of these sorts of male-dominated professions include sanitation workers, miners, construction workers, oil rig roughnecks, sailors, farm laborers, police officers, firefighters, and lumberjacks. The reason he proposes for this is really quite simple: the women most involved in feminism tend to be fairly wealthy, and that means that the millions of working-class men in those undesirable professions are essentially invisible to them, whereas the men who are at the top of the food chain are very visible to them, creating a perception that all men are doing better.