That's Where

This space has been utterly ignored for a good while. It's just that I've been busy since being dropped like a bag of sand from a hot air balloon. Doing what?


After being axed twice from well-paying but uninspiring technical jobs, I'm going to fire bullets into the air and hope none of them land on me. I've already set up and completed one class. It went crazy awesome and I'm hoping to line up 3 more for the end of January. There's a serious untapped market here and I plan on using every drop of energy, skill and wisdom to make my plans happen.

I'm in the middle of applying for this great program here in Quebec that will allow me to collect EI while starting a new business. At first, I thought it was kind of dumb letting people do that but if it encourages people who might not want to risk their EI to start their own business, that makes a lot of sense. In any case, if I get it, 2009 will be exclusively dedicated to empire building. There's even an additional business grant I might be eligible for because I'm under 35. So now I learn a new trade: business-owner. Yikes.

While things are looking up fiscally and personal fulfillment-ly, it's not so hot family-wise as all of the time I'd need to dedicate to this project would be evenings and weekends. That's the time of day I really need (and want) to be home. But so far my wifely object has been awesomely understanding and I think this will work, perhaps sub-optimally but even that should be more than sufficient.

So off I go, bang! bang! bang! (Don't stand too close)