The Tide, She Turns Slowly

So once again, three more states have amended their constitutions to exclusively recognize marriages between a man and a woman: Arizona, Florida and California. The silver lining on this cloud is that the percentages are not more than one or two generations away from being overturned. Arizona: 56%, Florida: 62% and California: 52%. The tipping point is approaching before people realise either:
1) Governments don't need to regulate marriage, or
2) Homosexuals (and naughty girls) need love, too.

I guess it's unsurprising how fervent people can become about the "sanctity" of certain institutions. There are people out there still upset about the NHL's shootout rule so, you know, emotions can run strong on just about any topic. But to go to the trouble to explicitly ban these unions, it makes about as much sense as the necessity of women's fight for the franchise at the turn of the last century. To imagine that there are still women alive today who could not vote, boggles the mind as much as future citizens will be appalled at our current behaviour. I mean, when I think about these countries, I'm stunned.

Democracy is far from perfect but it's not bad for very large populations and as last night's American elections demonstrated it can heal great divides as easily as it can cause them.

Bonus factoid made of iron:
African-Americans voted 70% in favour of the ban.