Full Circle

I started this blog when I was unsure whether or not I had cancer and had just been let go from my job. It was a pretty low point for me but I came through it in fine health and found myself in a new job and two pretty cool kiddies. So when I was let go from my job today, I was glad to have a big happy family to come home to with all of us in good health.

With the economy tanking faster than a... tank?, our company's investors all withdrew their financing and the company had no choice but to lay off half of the staff. Oh yeah, 20 out of the 40 people. Lots of sad faces today.

So, I start once again, with optimism and a full heart, on an adventure into the unknown.


Oh, Kaladar, You Rascal

Yes, more Wizard Poetry. That's the last I'll mention of it here.


Gone But Not Forgotten

I guess I'm old enough now to start talking about my retirement provided I make it that far and I don't have to work right to the end. Plan one is to drive from amusement park to amusement park enjoying roller coasters for months. Plan two is to live in NYC for a 6 months to a year. Plan three is to live in London for 6 months to a year.

I have a love affair with London and its history. I like to imagine what the Fleet River used to look like (but not what it smelled like). It's one of the rivers that used to run into the Thames but the city subsumed it as it grew over the years. It exists now as the Fleet Sewer. I found this map that shows the rivers that used to feed into the Thames. A lot of these are now gone. There's a great history and modern visit of the Fleet here.

The Fleet, the Tyburn, the Walbrook, the Westbourne, gone. The Westbourne is pretty cool because it still sort of exists.

See that large grey conduit running above the Tube station? That's what remains of the Westbourne River. It still opens up into the Thames and runs underground for most of its length.

Manhattan has its share of buried streams (Canal Street actually is a filled in Canal) but London's hydrology is way more interesting. There is some nattering about restoring some sections of the Fleet but I'd be amazaed if it amounted to more than just talk.


What Rhymes with Magic Missile?

I doubt I'll use it a lot but I plan on amusing myself from time to time:

Wizard Poetry