A Charm

2008 has already been kind to me.

I had swung once and missed. My second try was hit for distance but didn't stay fair. But today, ah today, I looped one into left field, a solid single to leadoff the inning.


2007 in Review

- Daughter born. Niiiiice.
- Trip to Boston. Awesome. Not so much for Boston but for seeing old friends and tours of MIT + Harvard.
- Guitar Hero enjoyed, then purchased. Leads to Dragonforce ("Through the Fire and Flames") and Priestess ("Lay Down") and Heart. Jeers to the wireless guitar that doesn't work in my setup (too much wi-fi interference).
- iPod Touch. Watching movies and learning to love music again = re-invigorating.
- Flight of the Conchords. Not quite as awesome as my daughter but pretty close.
- MacBook. The Windows desktop is only used in emergencies and for Photoshop.
- Shoveling in December = much cursing.
- Watching kids in wading pool in my backyard = much laughing.
- Watching Madagascar, Cars, Dora and Backyardigans ad infinitum = much more cursing.
- Being comedy award judge for the Montreal Fringe was cool because I got to see a bunch of shows but frustrating because I'd rather be performing and also because I couldn't review shows.
- Habs missing the playoffs by failing to win one of the last 2 games of the year = at least the Leafs didn't make it either.
- Being a godfather. Feels nice inside.
- Improv workshop with Keith Johnstone. Useful, helpful, bizarre.
- Inability to finish manuscript. Misery.
- Being sick at least once per month due to pathetic immune system of children = boo, children!

Ok, bedtime...