100 Things About Me (67-100)

67. I get sick at least once every two months and it sucks donkey.
68. Spiderman would beat Batman.
69. There is nothing sexier than a pony tail, a white cotton tee and blue jeans.
70. The Gaussian distribution is the best distribution.
71. I lost my original wedding ring.
72. Twix from Europe is the best chocolate bar. I can't eat the Twix here.
73. My wife's default cell phone ring drives me nuts.
74. Fireplaces are awesome.
75. I'm good at ball hockey and so-so at soccer. I'm pretty much useless at everything else.
76. I don't give new people a lot of time to adjust to my sense of humour.
77. One summer during high school, I watched Days of Our Lives.
78. I did not attend my college or Bachelor's graduation. I did attend my MSc graduation which was at the Bell Centre.
79. I got my diploma from Dick "Don't Do Drugs" Pound, who is also the Chancellor at McGill.
80. I play pool better with more alcohol in me.
81. Some days I just feel like a battery and I exist solely to charge my kids.
82. I have way more movies and TV shows to watch than I have hours in a day.
83. I have a post on mystery I'd like to write when I have the time.
84. I'm stuck in writing my novel but I think I'm slowly becoming unstuck.
85. I'd like to buy a decent guitar some distant day.
86. I don't want a dog because they are too much work.
87. My Magic play-group is slowly but surely dissolving.
88. I think I have another McSweeney's list in me.
89. There's a park-style bench that was left behind by the previous owners of the house that was in ruins. I plan on restoring it next spring/summer.
90. I still haven't edited a Wikipedia article like I said I was going to.
91. While Mario Galaxy will be pretty fun, I will disappear when Mario Kart for the Wii shows up next year. Online play!
92. I played City of Heroes for 6 months 3 years ago. My character's name was Dark Tendril.
93. I played the TMNT RPG when I was in high school. My character's name was Master V; he was a mutant wolf with a motorcycle. His arch-nemesis was a polar bear mutant.
94. The White Album is objectively the best Beatles album.
95. I have a library card catalogue, the old wooden kind, to store all my Magic, Star Wars and LotR cards.
96. The CBCRadio3 ezine website is one of my all-time favourite websites. I am still a little sad it's gone. The archives are still there at least.
97. Get Your War On has given me one of my favourite sayings: "Is this truly the only Earth I can live on?"
98. I think my son is a vegetarian. That's pretty cool. "Nothing with a face!"
99. In my wallet: 5$, driver's license, carte soleil, birth certificate, credit card, debit card, debit card, Costco Card, old receipt, expired car insurance card (oops).
100. I'm narcissistic enough to think that people might want to know 100 things about me.