Last year I decided to start a little tradition for myself. On my birthday (or as close as is feasible) I would edit one wikipedia article. I wouldn't just correct some typos, either. I would re-organize, clean up, and polish to a shine any existing article of a reasonable size that badly needed editing.

2006's selection was Blaise Pascal's entry and I'm happy to see that most of my structural changes and language work is mostly intact. The page has evolved quite nicely and remains fairly readable. Unfortunately, it also seems to have been my last edit. I'm a big slacker...

This year, I was just going to wander around the "wik" I am wont to do but I wondered if someone else might find a more worthy candidate, a page that is pretty sizable and in total chaos, a page that needs a serious overhaul and streamlining. In that spirit, I've opened up the comments. Oh, yes, I went there. (hmm, that was the "Oh, no, you di'int!" of 2000 which in turn was the "Oh, snap!" of 2005.)

So post a wikipedia page that you come across in the nest week or so that you think could use some elbow grease and if it tops whatever page I flag in work needed, I'll get down on it (you know, that video makes me think I need to update my video drivers).


Ryan said...

It's doubtful you have any expertise on the subject, but the valve tappet page seems terrible, especially in its misguided touting of desmodromic valve actuation (nobody bothers, because cam following is virtually a solved problem below 20krpm).

Simon said...

It took me quite a while, but I FINALLY found an article worthy of your attention for editing. It's so short you barely even have to use the scroll bar to navigate. Could definitely use some lengthening and TLC.

Good luck.


émilie b said...