100 Things About Me (1-33)

Ok, I might as well do this one.

1. I'm not sure I can come up with 100 things of note.
2. I've been inside the White House. It was a tour.
3. I've sat in on English Parliament while it was in session. It was both dull and cool.
4. I've walked across the Brooklyn Bridge. The towers are made of stone.
5. I've walked across the Golden Gate Bridge. That sucker is long.
6. My family says I could read at the age of three. I don't believe them.
7. I have stories that I love to tell. I think I'm an ok storyteller. I wish I was better.
8. I can't breathe solely out my nose because of the way my head is constructed. It causes me a lot of problems.
9. I always lose weight on vacations. I need a new job.
10. I have written a book but only the first half has been revised.
11. I like it when my kids fall asleep on me. One at a time, please.
12. I love board games. Not Monopoly, Cities & Knights of Catan.
13. I expect to get at least one bingo in every Scrabble game I play.
14. I was in a Scrabble tournament with three former World Champions: David Boys, Joel Wapnick & Adam Logan. (They all go to the Montreal Scrabble Club. I never came close to playing them.)
15. I don't understand people who buy Apple products new when the refurbished ones are, like, 20% cheaper and just as good.
16. Escalators are not made to be walked up. Look at the height of each step in every staircase ever made. Now, look at the step height on an escalator. Case Closed.
17. I like nerdy, goofy jokes. One atom says to another, "I lost an electron!" "Are you sure?" "Yes, I'm positive!"
18. I used to have a Quebec Explosives Permit. My first physics job was working for an explosives company.
19. I have Secret clearance with the Canadian Government (The three levels are Confidential, Secret and Top Secret). I'm not joking.
20. I'm allergic to cats. So is my wife. Otherwise, we'd have one.
21. M.I.A. is the only musician I will still keep close tabs on.
22. I once vowed to learn to play Master of Puppets on the guitar. I'd say I only learned about 15% of it.
23. 3.14159265357989 is as far I can go.
24. I think Paul Dirac is amazing. The Dirac Delta function is an awesome math hack.
25. I played Metroid so often I started trying to finish it as fast as possible. My record was 1 hour 13 minutes. The record verified time is 17 minutes and change.
26. I can listen to a song 1000 times and still not have the lyrics memorised.
27. Me and my neighbour in Vancouver used to play Thomas Gradin vs Richard Brodeur, 1-on-1 hockey.
28. I wish I could bring out my Lego but it's still a choking hazard.
29. It makes me feel old when Ben tries to use the Gamecube controller like a Wii controller by waving it around. "You mean you have to use your hands?!" "That's like a baby's toy!"
30. I created the Wikipedia "Perfect Strangers" page (which is now a disambiguation page).
31. Maxwell's Equations are the best equations.
32. I very much look forward to the day a child does not wake either me or my wife up on the weekend. I'm guessing we have at least 8-10 years to go.
33. Grimlock was my favourite Transformer character but Astrotrain was my favourite toy (my neighbour had one).