Beat Boxes

I'm flat-out beat. Having two kids is a lot of work and while it was initially more than twice the work it doesn't feel that way anymore (though that just might be me getting numb to the situation). What has me knocked out is that we've been going nuts on the house while I've been home on three weeks paternity leave. A group of old high school friends came over today (nearly all of the people from high school I keep in touch with; I can't believe all of these kids of ours since we were just kids when we met). We raced furiously to get the house in as good shape as we could. That's the best side-effect of holding a party. After a superficial tidy, the house is in much better shape after the fact.

We totally emptied every box that belonged on the main and second floors, put up nearly all of the shelves we planned, bought and installed missing furniture, rugs, and decorations. The house, for the first time, is mostly absent from a giant pile of boxes in each room. We've been here for 3 months and the place is only now beginning to take shape.

It's kind of frightening to think about the basement where we piled a lot of the stuff we weren't sure what to do with and with enough painting equipment to start a store. And then there's the outside of the house come spring...

2007 is going to be the year of the house, never mind the two kiddies.