Ear In Their Music

I love the lyrics to Joanna Newsom's Peach, Plum, Pear. She's a harpist that plays folk music (I've seen this new wave of folk called psych-folk and nu-folk but I am partial to the snarky term I read somewhere: freak-folk). In any case, I love the words here.

We speak in the store
I'm a sensitive bore
and you're markedly more
and I'm oozing surprise

But it's late in the day
and you're well on your way
what was golden went gray
and I'm suddenly shy

And the gathering floozies
afford to be choosy
and all sneezing darkly
in the dimming divide

I have read the right books
to interpret your looks
you were knocking me down
with the palm of your eye

This was unlike the story
it was written to be
I was riding its back
when it used to ride me

We were galloping manic
to the mouth of the source
we were swallowing panic
in the face of its force

I was blue and unwell,
made me bolt like a horse.

Now it's done.
Watch it go.
You've changed some.
Water run from the snow.

Am I so dear?
Do I run rare?
You've changed some:
peach, plum, pear.

The song makes my neurons summon the memory of Hayden's The Hazards of Sitting Beneath Palm Trees

With your summer hat and smile
You came here to leave there
And as the sun stained your legs and your arms
The men arrive with their one-track minds
You like that they're there when they ask you the time
They say what they do, and they'll do what you say
And they'll tell you some lies if you let them . . . stay

And you laugh, but not too hard
And you look, but not too far
Your eyes drift across the beach
And just before you reach me, he speaks
His face is red, and he's talking to breeze
You get up to leave as the sun hits the trees
And you jump in the water with him at . . . your feet

And I laugh, but not too hard
And I look, but not too far

I any case, I stumbled across "Peach, Plum, Pear" when I saw this list of covers at torontoist. In the list, there was a youtube video of Final Fantasy (While ostensibly the name of the band, the only public member is Owen Pallett, who has made life difficult for himself on the internet with that pseudonym) covering the song. His version just blew me away. I've been reading a lot of hype on Mr. FF (for funky fresh?) and was ready to dismiss him out of hand but I'm very glad I didn't.

All of that, however, was the preamble to the post I've been meaning to make for some time now. Here are some Canadian songs you're unlikely to have heard. I've made them available to download. Not sure how long I'll keep it up there. Typically, I hear these songs once somewhere, obsess about them and then hunt them down.

This is probably the song you're most likely to have heard. They played the hell out of the video on MuchMusic. Clash of the Titans by Free Agents (ft.DJ Kemo). Great B-boy music. The sound quality for this track is awful, though. I'm still looking for a better file.

Next most likely is Letting Time Pass by the New Meanies. Leaving aside their terrible band name, the song was a Top 10 hit here in Canada, but I don't think anyone really noticed.

Masia One's Split Second Time has a nice track to rhyme against and she does a good job with it.

Where I'm Going is great driving music. Melanie Durrant (and band) made a video with a rapping muppet lion that ruined the song; this track does not have that abomination.

How Ya Like Me Now shares a title with a decent Kool Moe Dee track but DJ kinetic lives up to the titular hype.

The band is called Falconhawk and the song is called Olympia. I can never remember which one is which but I likes it anyways.

Finally, Spookey Reuben, he of early MuchMusic fame, has a double album out and I think my fave track is Suddenly The Sun. Not too sure yet.

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