Upside Down

The last while has been very tumultuous. We've been in the process of finding a place and selling our own for a while now and it looks like the end is in sight. We found the place we wanted, sold our own and are now going through legal hoops to finish it all.

The problem is we had to sell ours Nov 24. We buy on Dec 1 but don't take possession until Dec 7. So there's a gap there of 2 weeks where we have no home. My mom has graciously allowed us to live with her and she does have the space for it so I'm moving back in with my mom! And since we're going to be there anyways we decided to take an extra week before moving in to do repairs, paint, etc. without having to work around all our stuff. We don't think we'll be in until the 16th of December.

Busy, busy, busy...

Oh, and I've decided to finish the first book. I think it's a fun little number and it deserves a fair shake.