Book End

So I've been busy cleaning our condo for sale and looking at new houses. This has provoked all sorts of heated discussions in the household. We're both stressed and tired and our patience is mostly used by the energy-vortex known as our son.

Against this backdrop, I'm undergoing an internal debate. I got my expected rejection letter for my novel. Now, this is a single letter from a pretty big house. So while I knew it was a long shot, I always feel long shots are worth taking. Here's the problem: I have only fully revised 6 of the 18 chapters of this book. A big part of the appeal was that the long shot only needed the first 3 chapters completed.

So what do I do? To proceed, I will definitely need the full 18 chapters revised and polished. So that's 12 chapters of revision. I estimate that I can do it by Dec 31, 2007. But is it a good idea? I can spend that year getting my second novel (one that I hope is one-novel's-experience better) in shape. Do I push forward finishing the first one which may not actually be publishable (which seems likely to me) or do I give it some credit and see if I can find it a home? I am very much leaning towards finishing the damn thing so I can at least get some closure for myself.

Ah, the troubles of an over-privileged fool...



I went away for 6 days and came back to find a little boy in my house. Whither went the baby?