All Apologies

What is wrong with me?

I am so ashamed.

I know I have pretty trashy taste in music but it never really bothered me because I like what I like. I can't help it. I don't really analyse the music I hear unless I hear a song that demands my attention. I usually just listen distractedly and bop along to the rhythm (sadly, I am also missing the gene that codes for rhythm).

In any case, I've hit a new low. I am very into Hilary Duff's Play With Fire. What is wrong with me?? It sounds like it could be a James Bond tune, maybe it's just the video. Perhaps it's intentionally made that way. The bridge is actually kinda awful, but the chorus... I... like... it...

I realise you could plug any pop starlet's voice into this song. It's not the Duffster's appeal that does it for me (or lack thereof; she is channeling some Sheryl Crow in the video, whom I would, in fact, kick out of the bed). Whoever wrote this ditty (I believe it's Rhett Lawrence), hit the right spot and forged my guiltiest pleasure in deepest bowel of hell.

I apologise.