Life Lube

A wise man that I know, Simon, introduced me to http://www.lifehacker.com, which was moderately useful. Another cool site is http://www.tradetricks.org/. There's some useless info in there but some real gems, too.

Anyways, I figured I'd post a few of my lifehacks. By all means, feel free to do the same. I love this kind of information. Perhaps you might find these obvious but they certainly weren't to me. I wish I'd known these earlier than I did.

- Adding salt to boiling pasta helps to prevent it from sticking.
- The switch on the rear-view mirror that protects your eyes from people with high-beams can be used to toggle between seeing out the back window and looking at your child in the back seat.
- When leaving a voice message for a friend, I always start with my name, the day and time. I don't know how helpful this is but I know I'd find that info helpful right off the top and I hate to mess around in the voicemail menu.
- I remember writing here about getting a human to help instead of those automated voice systems. I recommended reporting whatever you're trying to get help with stolen (credit card, cell phone). But that's not always an option. The better plan is to keep pressing buttons for options that don't exist. You will usually get forwarded to a human because the system thinks you're incapable of following instructions.
- Even though it's something you usually see on TV, one actually can bribe the bouncer, if you really need to.

These two are just plugs for websites but they're so useful, I figured I'd mention them:

- If you ever need to buy any electronics cable of any sort, use monoprice.com. It's not even close. Even with shipping included for a single cable, they beat the pants off any other place I've found. I always stared at cables in the store and thought to myself, this cable shouldn't cost more then 3$. I was right! Man, I almost cried with joy the day I found that website.
- I was looking at digital cameras because I thought ours had broken (turns out the batteries just died. Whoops! That seems to be my kryptonite when it comes to cameras.) I found one I liked at dpreview.com (another great site). I checked it out at Future Shop, then I checked it out at newegg.com. It was almost 1/3 cheaper. That's just plain dumb.

This one is just plain geeky:

- Hold out your arm as far as you can and give the "thumb's up" sign. Close the eye opposite to the thumb. The width of your thumb is very close to 0.5 degrees of angular size, the same as the moon and the sun in our sky.

I'll update this post as I think of more...