I mentioned I was trying to hammer away at a blog post but I've given up on it. It supposed to be some meditation on the 15th and 19th US amendments (race and gender suffrage) that was interspersed with thoughts on homeostasis and equilibrium in social movements. But then I realised that I'm not in college anymore and without the grade of Damocles over my head, I don't actually have the energy to write that stuff anymore. Hell, I don't even have the energy to avoid the word "stuff" at this point.

I still find it interesting and my thoughts on the matter are a little more organised but putting it clearly and entertainingly into words are not in the bag. Why?

Chapter One of a second book is complete. No, it's not a sequel to the first book. It's only 1300 words but it still counts and it has space to go up to about 2000 words. Anyways, the first steps are always the hardest. I should be done in time for Ben to read it to me.

Because my eyes will have failed me...

So fair warning, this blog will slow down even further than the crawl it had already died down to.