"The Da Vinci Code is a terrible book, made popular by the kind of people who give reading a bad name..."
-Devin Faraci [chud.com], reviewing the movie


More Spambot Names

Firebomb F. Neophyte
Anchovy H. Fostered
Abate D. Specialist
Lithosphere L. Habitation
Outsmarted B. Phonograph
Errors I. Skedaddle
Disemboweled T. Paralytic
Realization C. Heighten
Attaching D. Capaciousness
Reimposed B. Lawsuit
Academia S. Sixtieth
Distribute S. Fossilize
Wisecracks J. Dungeon
Unstopping G. Beached
Beard P. Houseboat
Sprinkler K. Crocodiles
Madwoman I. Maidenhead


Ready... Aim...

Three songs to start off the summer right:

1) Nelly Furtado ft. Timbaland - "Promiscuous Girl"
2) All-American Rejects - "Move Along"
3) Notorious B.I.G. ft. Twista & Krayzie Bone - "Spit Your Game"


I've finally finished a submission package for my wanna-be novel, "Four Siblings". Out of the nest you go, little birdy. I've started sketching my second grab at the brass ring.


The things no one told me:

- Those baby monitors aren't very useful. They amplify every sound the baby makes and it creates a sense that you need to go see the baby if you hear anything. I find it better to turn the monitor off. If the baby wakes up and needs something, you'll hear it. Running in at every sound teaches the baby the wrong thing. That's just my opinion. It does make some people feel more secure so it's worth it in that sense but I don't agree. The only use I found for it is when I'm focused on something noisy (hockey, video game, etc.) and I'm far away from the room.

- How you get the baby to sleep at the start will affect how it will fall asleep later. It might be easy to walk the baby to sleep now but as it gets older, and heavier, you might find that a bad idea. Babies are all about routine and habits so whatever you do now, imagine doing it when she's three times the size.

- You will give the baby a good smack to the head. It happens. They're resilient.

- As much as you love your baby, you will be surprised just how mad you can get at her. Pass her off or put her in the crib and just let her cry until you recover. I really surprised myself in this regard. You cannot communicate with a baby and it frustrated me to no end.

- Baby clothes sizes mean nothing. Ben wears clothes and has worn clothes that were 6 months too young and 6 months too old. Each company cuts their clothes differently.

- Getting in the tub with your baby for baths is so so much easier. (This one I was told and I'm glad for it) Maybe let hubby do it. We men don't get to breastfeed (phew!) and it became a great time to bond.


I am officially the Without Annette member with the most shows. It only took me the better part of two years after Alex left, but I did it. I award myself The Sisyphus Prize for 2006. Thank you/me!


The Nintendo Wii. So buying it. Looking forward to playing cross-country Mario Kart/Animal Crossing/Smash Bros with all my friends who moved away.

Note to friends who move away: it is required to be buying a Wii.


Awesome spambot-generated names:

Choosing F. Acclimatized
Popguns J. Airmail
Destroys G. Commodore
Cistern S. Lightheaded
Recoverable C. Legislature
Entrenchment G. Dunked
Swivelling P. Northerner
Hurdle T. Pipsqueaks
Shriek Q. Moisture


The magic of our first love is our ignorance that it can ever end. -- Benjamin Disraeli


Who? Who? Ministry


If You Ever Get Close To A Human

Wikipedia has a great list of cognitive biases. A cognitive bias is a distortion in how humans perceive reality. A lot of them are generally known, like confirmation bias (the search for or interpretation of information that confirms one's beliefs) or false consensus bias (the tendency for people to overestimate the degree to which others agree with them).

There are a few in there, however, that surprised me like the Zeigarnik effect, the tendency for people to remember uncompleted or interrupted tasks better than completed ones. That's just weird. Check it out for an interesting look at human behaviour.


Fido Customer Service

If you are a Fido cell phone customer and want to talk to a human being:
- Dial 611 from your cell or call the customer line.
- Choose the option to report a stolen phone.

You get service pretty damn quick.