Risk, Free

My good friend Dustin has the job any true nerd desires: video-game developer. He has made many waves with his Risk-like game, Lux. The free demo comes with 20 free games, the AI is not too shabby at a higher difficulty and you can play it online with humanoids. If you like Risk, I can pretty much guarantee you'll like Lux.

Just recently, he's completed a new version of the game called American History Lux. It's the same battle-y goodness but each level takes you from one violent period in US History to another. If you check his forums, you may find a 40% discount on the 20$ US fee to register the game. Or you could just scam the demo copy and play out the first 3 wars (or 20 games of Lux, or both).

Anyways, the game is fun, Dustin is cool, killing people in times of war is legit (perhaps too legit) and this concludes our broadcast day.