I already explained The Nameless Game so now, at the leading edge of Spring, it's time for Swacky.

Playing hacky-sack is not typically my cup of tea. It seems so aimless. I like goals. I'm a measurement-motivated person. I need meaning, no matter how arbitrary, artificial or arcane. Swacky takes the wishy-washy, just-goofin'-around aspect of hacky sack and obliterates it in a tightly-controlled, rules-dominated fiesta (the best kind of fiesta).
  • Let's say there are three players, A, B and C.
  • Swacky begins when one person throws the hack to another. A can only touch the hack once. This touch is used to pass to either B or C. Let's say B.
  • B must then pass it to the remaining player, C. When all three players have touched the hack once, one player (any player but at least one) must say "Swacky!".
  • The last player to touch the hack can hold it until they are ready to pass it which begins the next round.
  • When the pass is made, the receiver can only touch it twice. Let's say it's C who passes it to B.
  • Then B can only touch it twice (hopefully using the second touch to pass to A) and when A touches it twice the round is complete and someone must say "Swacky!"
  • The rounds continue with the number of touches required increasing by one at each completed round.
  • [This one's complicated] If a player has already touched the hack n times (while it is round n), once per round they can touch it again provided
    • they touch it exactly n times AND
    • another player has touched it since they originally did
    • Example:
      • Let's say it is round 2 (where each player must touch it twice). A touches it twice and passes to B. B touches it twice but fails to pass it to C, A can touch it twice to save the round so long as they touch it exactly twice.
  • The game ends immediately if:
    • The hack drops.
    • Someone forgets to say "Swacky!"
    • It's round n and someone touches it != n (other than holding it after a completed round; there's no limit for that but don't bogart it, man).
I am not great at this game. My friends who are good at this can get to rounds 10 and up. I am lucky if I get to 5; that's a good day. I think my record is 7. Playing this with more than 5 people is super tough.