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Name change:
Without ME becomes S'Wonderful

Blog change:
babyresearcher is abandoned, but its author, the only Amy worth knowing (and the only Amy I know), writes on about sociology in amy writes

New blogs:


Emilie, living in Quebec, is currently pregnant and writes about whatever pops into her head. Unsurprisingly, most of it is about the bébé-to-be these days. She has a French and an English version of her site. I have no idea how she does that.

Update Frequency: Monthly

What my kids want to know

Another blog by the authoress of Something Up..., the title pretty much says it all. Her kids have some interesting questions. I think I'm the only one answering them. I should start a blog called What Kids Want To Know.

Update Frequency: Fortnightly

What We're Up To

Elizabeth the Georgia Peach in Virginia writes about her crizazy family. With occasional pictures.

Update Frequency: Monthly

Where the Sidewalk Reappears

Adrienne hails from Tennesse, goes to school in Montreal and plans to summer in Florida. She does improv at McGill and likes babies named Ben. Studying drama and possibly living it.

Update Frequency: Weekly