Bonenkai + Shinenkai = Japanese Is Cool Right Now

I feel the need to recap some of the hits and misses of 2005. Let's start with the down notes.

Final Fantasy X - Not terrible but too damn mediocre. Beautiful? Yes. Fun? Meh...
Working - Let's see... "Off for a year to write a book" versus "Working shmoe". Booooo, 2005!
GTA: Vice City - I give up. I don't like it. I've tried and tried but it ain't gonna happen.
Guns, Germs & Steel - Cut it in half and it's good.
Not finishing a rewrite - I only got 1/3 through my book. It could probably stand one more rewrite, too.
Sleep - I'd complain more but my wife gets even less.
andyournameis.com - I still want to do this podcast but I lack the equipment, the time and the willpower.

Dragon Quest 8 - Everything FFX should have been. I'm not even halfway and I'm loving it!
The Design of Everyday Things - Just so interesting!
The Office (BBC) - I am humbled, awed. I stare in wonder.
Arular - Need a Visa? Got with a geeza'. Need some money? Paid 'im with 'er knees up.
meanderingly.com - It's going pretty much as I expected.
My TV - It's so wrong to derive this much satisfaction from an object.
Improv - I feel like I can finally run after years of stumbling, bumbling and mumbling.