Like Putty

I've been on a brain tear recently. I just finished watching an episode of The Nature of Things on learning in utero and how infants acquire certain skills. It was pretty amazing. They showed babies movies of people using items like a glass or a hairbrush. Once they got bored of that they showed movies of people using the items wrong, like miming a drink from a hairbrush, and the babies stared trying to reconcile what they had just learned. They placed an item in context of an activity pretty quickly. The show also asked the question about how babies learn that a shape they grab, the object they see and the sound it makes are all from the same source. I never thought about that before. The brain has to squish all that together and get it right over time.

My good friend King Casey explained to me how gambling (like slots or roulette) preys upon the neurological force of seeking patterns in a stream of information. The brain is too cool. I should start using mine.