My son is reassured by humming as he falls asleep. Sometimes shushing sounds will do the trick but some nights he prefers humming. I just grab the first tune that pops into my head and slow it down to lullaby speed.

I have hummed the following songs to my son at bedtime:
O, Canada
The Happy Birthday Song
Theme from Hockey Night In Canada
Here Comes The Bride
Smells Like Teen Spirit



I finally finished Final Fantasy X. Good lord, that took forever. Pretty but forgettable. There's almost no exploration. It'll probably be the last FF I play. I'm tired of pushing buttons to get to the next cutscene. That's not a game.

I've also recently finished Mr. Norrell and Jonathan Strange. Great book. Recommend it.

Now I'm starting Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap. I think it's really, really well done and I've just started. Impressive.

My book editing has gotten two more chapters (almost) under my belt. I don't think I'll finish by my set date but I can try to put a dent in it.



Isn't this enough?

For those of us who enjoy the luxury of not living in an utter and complete hellhole, this finite time should be more than sufficient. It is, to my mind, grasping and greedy to seek solace in the beyond. We are already privileged with miracle enough. To those whose lot it is to suffer, I wish you the ability to enjoy what beauty you can find. But for those among us graced with the capacity for peace in our hearts and minds, this world, this wonder, is splendor beyond imagining.



I've added 2 more blogs to my blogroll. They shoulda been there first time 'round but I'm forgetful that way.

I resent the way...

This is Alice's blog. She used to live in Montreal as a student but now she's in Washington DC waitressing until... well, until she's ready to stop. Her blog is mostly about pop culture and venting.

Update Frequency: Daily

The Road to Vegas 2005

Rob is an old roommate of mine from when I lived in Ottawa (I did a couple work terms there at Nortel). This sparse blog relates the time leading up to and during his trip to Vegas this year. He's become a poker freak and intersperses his poker mania with cool anecdotes, like the time he was on vacation and he got attacked by a hurricane.

Update Frequency: Random



I'm starting (again) to revise my book. The goal is to be done by Dec. 7.

I think I can. I think I can. I think I can.


Like Putty

I've been on a brain tear recently. I just finished watching an episode of The Nature of Things on learning in utero and how infants acquire certain skills. It was pretty amazing. They showed babies movies of people using items like a glass or a hairbrush. Once they got bored of that they showed movies of people using the items wrong, like miming a drink from a hairbrush, and the babies stared trying to reconcile what they had just learned. They placed an item in context of an activity pretty quickly. The show also asked the question about how babies learn that a shape they grab, the object they see and the sound it makes are all from the same source. I never thought about that before. The brain has to squish all that together and get it right over time.

My good friend King Casey explained to me how gambling (like slots or roulette) preys upon the neurological force of seeking patterns in a stream of information. The brain is too cool. I should start using mine.