You Got-ta Move It, Move It

I went curling today. Man, I missed it. The group I go with are learning and I find myself learning again since it's been 10 years since I played regularly. It's good to get back on the ice.

The surface was the worst I've ever seen. It had gotten so warm this week that some of the ice had evaporated and then condensed on the ceiling. It collected at various local minima and dripped onto the playing surface creating giant lumps (sometimes robin-egg-sized) that made playing a game impossible. But it was still good to get a few throws in, practice the slide, get the muscles working.

I hope to make this a 3-4 times per month deal. Ben liked the outing and Tasha tried her hand at it. She fell on her knee within 5 minutes, giving her a nice and purpley bruise. At least she sat with Ben while I played; we were supposed to alternate. He was behaving well, too. I hope she tries again. It's not an easy slide to master. I'm still flying all over the place. I hope to have my game back in a few months.

I really need some activity in my life again and I'm hoping this fits the bill. My ball hockey friends have disbanded and dispersed. There's no soccer going on. I couldn't make the Ultimate games this summer because of proto- and actual Ben. My job is very sedentary. If I didn't have to walk to work, I'd be very worried.