Get Out Of Here

I've added a whole bunch of blogs that I link to. Here's a brief rundown...

Starting Out Small

This is my son's blog. He's only a few months old right now, so his parents do most of the work for him. Mostly pictures with the occasional text about being infantile.
Update Frequency: Weekly


This is my wife's blog. She mostly writes about TV with the occasional post about her personal life. Uh, what else... Um... she likes me?
Update Frequency: Random

these are not my walls

This is Clare's blog. I was Best Man at her wedding. She is awesome. Obey her. A founding member of Without Annette (married to another founder). Her blog is mostly about improv, law school, hobbies, and quiz memes.
Update Frequency: Random

Something Up...

This is Maggie's blog. She's a friend of mine who lives in Montreal. Her husband was a founding member of Without Annette, which is how we met. She writes mostly about teaching, books and her family.
Update Frequency: Random


This is Chris's blog. I know him mostly through my Magic playing activities. His blog is mostly about his relationships with some amusing anecdotes thrown in.
Update Frequency: Random

Painted Words

This is Nicola's blog. She's a PhD history student at Oxford. She writes mostly about her hobbies, her day-to-day life with the occasional book / movie/ tv show review.
Update Frequency: Hardly Ever

Without Annette Improv: Montreal Comedy

The greatest Improv in Montreal Comedy called Without Annette that does Improv Comedy in Montreal. (That was for you, my googlebot darling). We blog about improv with a few other jokes, stories and reviews thrown in.
Update Frequency: Few Times per Week

Simian Farmer

This is Simon's Page. I've only talked face-to-face with him for a total of about 4 hours. But we like it that way. He writes about his family, his past and random thoughts with a bunch of links tossed in for good measure.
Update Frequency: Daily

Aurora Walking Vacation

Paul's blog is an AOL blog. Don't hold it against him. He writes mostly about his family, skepticism, and quiz memes.
Update Frequency: Daily

Without ME

This is Mariana's blog. She's a linguistics student that is trying to steal our baby. She writes about her day-to-day life, academic stuff and throws in some cool links.
Update Frequency: Few Times per Week

warning: highly mortal

Maryam's blog is about the weirdness of chemistry, her hobbies, books and her day-to-day life.
Update Frequency: Random


Andrew is a Scot who used to live in Boston but now does comics at McGill (he's probably also a student). I don't know him that well but his comic amuses me and he makes fun of the British which always goes over well with me.
Update Frequency: Few Times per Week

Where The Sidewalk Reappears

This is Adrienne's blog. Another person I don't know very well. But she's studying Drama + Sociology. That kind of mix has to produce an interesting blog. She writes about her day-to-day life with various reviews snuck into the text.
Update Frequency: Few Times per Month


I put these links in random order but this is probably my fave. It's ostensibly Dustin's blog. He's an indie video game maker (Buy Lux) which is pretty much coolest-job-ever. The site itself is a bunch of his friends (me included) posting a non-stop stream of crazy links we find.
Update Frequency: Daily

Experimenting With Words

This is Gil's blog. He's the newest member of Without Annette. He mostly writes about his life.
Update Frequency: Random

Whimsy Inc.

This is Neale's blog. We've met but I don't think we've ever had a conversation. His blog is cool though. It's about his art, street art, video games, game design, and design in general.
Update Frequency: Few Times per Week


This was Amy's website. I added the link just in case she ever leaves her underground bunker.
Update Frequency: Hardly Ever

I hate you, Marc D. Rowland

This is here because I hate Marc D. Rowland.