I Heart McDonald's

I don't talk enough about food. I love the act of eating. I enjoy good food. I like to cook. Sometimes. In any case, I wanted to talk about food but instead I'll talk about McDonald's which only legally counts as food in a few states.

I can recall going to Mickey D's often as a kid. It was the rare treat for my brother and me. Our family very infrequently ate out. Both my parents were good cooks at least. But when we did go out, it was usually to the golden arches. I got the Happy Meal (TM) and it did make me happy.

It sufficed for years until the family went out to McDo with an older kid, a friend of the family. He ordered two cheeseburgers. It blew my mind. I hadn't even conceived of ordering two burgers. I just thought that one day I would grow up and get the adult burger, the Big Mac. Two cheeseburgers?! There were people out there eating things that were beyond my reckoning. It turns out that two cheeseburgers was among those meals beyond even my ability to imagine.

Which leads me to one of my favourite meals:
- 2 Cheeseburgers
- 1 Medium fries
- 3 McNuggets (if your region allows it)
- 1 Medium root beer

I ask for a honey and BBQ sauce and then I mix them together with a fry. I eat that fry first. Thus begins a tasty and enjoyable meal.

Of course, I feel awful about two hours later. It feels like a bowling ball is breakdancing in my intestines: not good. But even though I know I'll pay the price later, I still look forward to it three or four times a year. And now that I have a kid, I can get the McDonaldland comic, too!