Nah, It Can't Be...

On March 11th, 2005, I wrote the following email:


I'm a curling fan from Montreal who also happens to be a big soccer fan. At the start of each soccer season in England, the league champion plays against the FA Cup champion in a charity match called the Charity Shield. I was just thinking that a similar event might work well here in Canada with curling.

Here's the idea:
Have the Tournament of Hearts winner play against the Brier winner for charity (be it Sandra Schmirler, or any other worthy cause). Heck, no matter which charity you pick, you could still call it the Schmirler Cup (or Sandra's Cup; that sounds softer and nicer).

It's a fun idea that doesn't have to happen around championship time of the year and gets the curling season off with a kick (Really, it could happen anytime it's convenient). Typically, the public doesn't get to see a high-profile match until the Scott rolls around. Why not get them thinking about it earlier in the season?

C'mon! There's a battle-of-the-sexes edge to it, it's for charity, and it features the two hottest rinks in curling as well as adding one more prize to play for at the ToH and Brier. I'm sure it would be a lot of work but curling would get a great shot in the arm from it, in my humble opinion.

In any case, stay cool on the ice.

[My Name]
Curling Fan

And then I sent it to the whole Canadian Curling Association board.

Now, nearing the start of the curling season comes this:
The Scott and Brier champs are playing each other in a skins match.

Ah well, close enough.