Stay On Target

My last post made me realise something that's been tickling the back of my mind of late. This blog has moved away from my thoughts of mortality as the distance from my minor health scare grows with time. They are always present but the theme of this blog was never meant to be about mortality but rather my thoughts on the world we live in. I have tried to avoid links to sites, pictures, memes and the other usual blog content. This was always meant to be more of a diary than anything else. I'm not too disappointed with it so far. I've got a couple memes, a few links but nothing too egregious. I have other websites that I can use as outlets for those things.

I think I'll avoid posts in the future about the quirks of my kid or cute pics of him. I thought about starting another blog as an outlet for that, too, but I don't need anymore projects. I think I'll just blog as usual and spend my time enjoying my son's development instead of documenting it.

As for the pseudo-anonymous BS I've been maintaining for the last couple years (beyond the fact that it's patently obvious who I am by simply reading this blog), I think that that plan has run its course. Though the early entries were more for myself, the later ones were written with the full awareness of other people, people I know, reading this. If you feel like linking me, name and all, go nuts. Talk about it, deride me to my face over it, whuh-eva. While I won't go out of my way to promote CC, I have no problems owning any of this.