Windmill, Windmill

Silver thoughts racing through my mind,
Like flashes of fish in a river

I have to write up test cases
I have to go deposit some cheques
I have to pay the second installment of my property taxes
My wife is pregnant
My mom's birthday was yesterday
I have to get estimates for windows for the whole condo
I have to meet with the condo secretary
I have to charge the batteries of my mp3 player
I can't have sex with my wife until after the baby is born (or the kid doesn't want to leave)
I have to write up the next part of the D&D campaign I'm running
I have to write the synopsis of my book
I have to revise the first 3 chapters of the book twice more
I have to write in the WA blog
I have to write at meanderingly.com
I have to go to the Magic pre-release this weekend
There's the FA final with Man U on Satruday morning
Mariana is coming back to Montreal
Dustin wants to do some writing for his movie Thursday
I have to start preparing for the Fringe for All
We have rehearsals Wednesday, Thursday and double next Monday
I have to make my lunch in the morning
I have to move the computer out of the baby's room
I have to move the crib into the baby's room
I'm going to be in line for the new Star Wars movie before and after the workshop tomorrow
I won't be in bed until after 2 am tomorrow
I have figure out how much we'll have left over once we pay for the new condo windows
I'm going to be a dad (I hope)
Karen and Sonny are renovating their bathroom and keep using ours
I hate Forgotten Realms
I like the new Weezer album
My mom wants me to exchange the extra tiles she got from renovating her bathroom floor but I lost the bill
My wife is scared of having a baby
What am I doing Friday night?
I'm really tired
Is everyone going to be able to play D&D this weekend?
I haven't seen Andrew in a while
I forgot to reply to Sheridan

Now there's a big scary spider. I have to go.