Quiz Knows

Ok, so these two posts unmask me to those who might not know me, but I'm pretty sure the ten or so people reading this are all people who know me pretty well. In any case, this post won't be up for long nor will it be archived.

A while ago (a long while ago), I was sent 5 questions which I then answered. At the end of that, I propagated the meme and offered 5 questions to anyone who was willing to answer them. I sent out questions to those who requested them and now I can post links to some answers...

Simon answered his questions back in March. Prompt, entertaining and informative. Well played.

Maryam just answered today. Your answers were a good read and, while I cannot commend the response time, they were appreciated nonetheless.

I had sent out one other set of five questions but they apparently were addressed to Ameila Earhart.