I've been thinking recently how awesome Saving Private Ryan would be if it started right before the landing and ended after they had secured the beach. It would probably be one of my favourite short films of all-time. The rest of that film is completely extraneous.



Anakin (the remaining three)
Dr. Evazan
The Wampa and Luke
Anakin (yet again)


Why Bother With One And Two?

It's quite handily the best of the three but by no means a good movie. There were fun successes and painful failures. I really bought the transition from grey area to bad guy, all of which is due to the solid work of the bigger bad guy. Any scene with emotions was horribly overwrought but I love a good swordfight and that's pretty much all I wanted to see, expectations having been decimated by the first two.

I think that was the major pitfall. There was material for one movie (this one) but somehow three got made. Also, the director thought it would be a good idea to take his 1930's update and bring it back to the 1930's. That's the only explanation I have for the dialogue and delivery.

Additional thoughts:
-Lava = cool
-Frankenstein = unnecessary
-The subplot on the fall of democracies was actually well done. It's probably the best part of the first trilogy. Probably because it's the part that was done quietly (well, quiet for these films).
-The turnover rate of technology is so much higher in the first three than in the second three!


Windmill, Windmill

Silver thoughts racing through my mind,
Like flashes of fish in a river

I have to write up test cases
I have to go deposit some cheques
I have to pay the second installment of my property taxes
My wife is pregnant
My mom's birthday was yesterday
I have to get estimates for windows for the whole condo
I have to meet with the condo secretary
I have to charge the batteries of my mp3 player
I can't have sex with my wife until after the baby is born (or the kid doesn't want to leave)
I have to write up the next part of the D&D campaign I'm running
I have to write the synopsis of my book
I have to revise the first 3 chapters of the book twice more
I have to write in the WA blog
I have to write at meanderingly.com
I have to go to the Magic pre-release this weekend
There's the FA final with Man U on Satruday morning
Mariana is coming back to Montreal
Dustin wants to do some writing for his movie Thursday
I have to start preparing for the Fringe for All
We have rehearsals Wednesday, Thursday and double next Monday
I have to make my lunch in the morning
I have to move the computer out of the baby's room
I have to move the crib into the baby's room
I'm going to be in line for the new Star Wars movie before and after the workshop tomorrow
I won't be in bed until after 2 am tomorrow
I have figure out how much we'll have left over once we pay for the new condo windows
I'm going to be a dad (I hope)
Karen and Sonny are renovating their bathroom and keep using ours
I hate Forgotten Realms
I like the new Weezer album
My mom wants me to exchange the extra tiles she got from renovating her bathroom floor but I lost the bill
My wife is scared of having a baby
What am I doing Friday night?
I'm really tired
Is everyone going to be able to play D&D this weekend?
I haven't seen Andrew in a while
I forgot to reply to Sheridan

Now there's a big scary spider. I have to go.


A Touch Of Truth

One of my friends, Sean M., said it best:

"I don't really need blowjobs anymore. I'm almost 30; I know how to masturbate really well."


Quiz Knows

Ok, so these two posts unmask me to those who might not know me, but I'm pretty sure the ten or so people reading this are all people who know me pretty well. In any case, this post won't be up for long nor will it be archived.

A while ago (a long while ago), I was sent 5 questions which I then answered. At the end of that, I propagated the meme and offered 5 questions to anyone who was willing to answer them. I sent out questions to those who requested them and now I can post links to some answers...

Simon answered his questions back in March. Prompt, entertaining and informative. Well played.

Maryam just answered today. Your answers were a good read and, while I cannot commend the response time, they were appreciated nonetheless.

I had sent out one other set of five questions but they apparently were addressed to Ameila Earhart.


Fortress of Solitude

There's an expression I once heard and I learned its lesson a few years ago but it is really being hammered home these days.

"A journey with another must wait until the other is ready. A journey alone may begin right away."

One more reason why I find writing so satisfying.

Also, the toxic personality test is so goddamn true. If you feel more tired after spending time with a person, that person is toxic. Run the hell away. It doesn't necessarily mean they're a bad person, it just means they are toxic to you.

The inverse is true, too. If you are re-energized after spending time with someone, keep them close. No one can give me a boost or a charge of energy like my wife. And that's not even counting the dirty thoughts you were just having.