Man, I'm a big Weezer fan. They're on my auto-buy list still (which reminds me I should pick up Guero by Beck when I get the weez album). I just saw the video for their new single, Beverly Hills, today. It was also the first time I heard the song. The video is pretty mediocre, which is disappointing because they usually manage something interesting. I was prepared to write off the single with the same word until... the Frampton solo. Love it. Salvages the whole song. Still not groovin' on the talk-singing and the "gimme-gimme" is a little Offspring ("uh-huh! uh-huh!", among others).

You can check it out at the MSN video site.

They also have the Clubfoot video by Kasabian at the MSN site. Reminds me of EMF (of the Unbelievable one hit wonder). I really liked the whole EMF album and even their follow up. Clubfoot has the same vibe. Must check them out.

Still rockin' to Tegan and Sara, Speak Slow.

Oh, and that sound you keep hearing everywhere you go is the sound of millions of teenagers learning to masturbate as inspired by Gwen Stefani's new video, Hollaback Girl. It pretty much pushes the high schooler fetish to its logical conclusion. I've never really found her physically attractive (so skinny!) but she's got her bodymoves set to eleven in this video. The song, passable, is largely irrelevant in the face of her sexyvibe. Yeah, that's two portmanteaus in two sentences... Score!