But With A Whimper

As of April 18th, I will be gainfully employed.

It's a company that does "digital signage" (aka: ads in stores and malls). It's a small company of about less than 30 people. They seem to be growing though, so that's good. While advertising is not one of my favourite industries, my last employer was also a military contractor (in a another division) so I definitely feel like I've taken a step up the ethics ladder. I'll be doing the same ole QA routine: look for bugs, fix problems, write a ton of documentation. The really big bonus in this is that it's a twenty minute walk from home, right downtown. Oh man, what a relief to not have to drive. It's a dream come true.

I was hired mostly for my English skills as they appear to be hard to come by in Montreal among the technorati; their documentation apparently needs a total overhaul. Also, I got bonus points for having my CV on one page. Seriously, I've never understood why it should take more.

This all adds up to my wife sleeping a little more soundly and people finding out how tiny my penis is.

My very small sex organ. Doesn't hit the market until June...

Sorry, suffering humans, my sense of self needs indulging. Well, further indulging... Ok, massive self-indulgence. Yeah, that's me. Guilty, but not that guilty.