And Bad Mistakes, I've Made A Few

1) "All tolled" - Once you've added it all up, that's what the end result is. "All told", the correct expression, escaped me for years.

2) "Sworded affair" - It's quite a combatative affair with dirty tricks (all sword fights have dirty tricks; it's a fact). "Sordid affairs" still don't make a lot of sense to me.

3) "Throw cosh into the wind" - What is cosh and why are people throwing it? I can see why throwing it into the wind is so reckless though. Ohhhh! Caution! Note: don't try to throw tanh into the wind...

4) "Fiery" - Rhymes with "cheery". 'Cause, y'know, field, fiend. You couldn't spell it "firy" like "wiry", eh?

5) "Anemone" - Annie moan, kinda like telephone. an-EH-mun-ee? Huh? Wuzzuh?

6) Cookie Monster - I'm a teenager, oh yes, over the age of twelve, watching the C-Monster on TV tear into a... cookie... and... Oh. No. The cookie... It just crumbled into pieces. He didn't actually EAT ANY OF IT! All those years of wasted cookies!! Damn you, Cookie Monster! You fiend!!