I am truly the most unreliable person I know.

Last night, I forgot to pick my mom up from the airport. I thought she was coming in tonight, it was yesterday. She took a taxi home and wasn't all that upset. Why? Because it's not the first time it's happened. In fact, I frequently screw up picking up people at the airport. I also forget to check for phone messages, forget to pass messages from one person to the intended receiver, forget, forget, forget. I've gone from one room to the next and forgot why I was supposed to be there. My mind does not retain important information for one reason or another.

I have a Palm Pilot to remind me of things but I haven't been using it much since I stopped working. I do have a scheduler on my computer so you would think it would help but it doesn't beep when things need to be done and, duh, I forget to check it regularly.

I'm about to become a father and, really, this kid is just not going to be able to count on me. It's really quite scary for me. My only hope is routine. Must train brain through repetition.

Must train brain through repetition.