On this fine Christmas day, the trees adorned in their white finery, the sky ablaze with blue, I'd like to take a moment to talk about one of my favourite Christmas traditions: Voodoo Day.

Peter and Karen are a brother and sister duo that I've known for years. When my wife-to-be first moved out of her home for college, they were her roommates. The four of us hit it off quite well and we've been great friends ever since. Each year they return to their parents' home in Kingston for the holidays. The last day we're all free before they leave is the day we exchange gifts and get together for dinner. This day has gained the name Voodoo Day (taken from a SNL skit).

Sonny, Karen's new hubby, has been joining us for the last few years and was initially confused by Voodoo Day but now embraces it as much as the rest of us. We normally have Voodoo Fondue as the meal but this year we skipped the cheese fondue (no alcohol for Tasha) and the Chinese broth (no potentially raw meat for Tasha). The choclate fondue, however, went over smashingly. Also, all of the gifts are "From: Voodoo Man". You are not allowed to give a practical gift on Voodoo Day and if you try you will be beaten to death (perhaps with chicken entrails or some similar voodoo cliché). This year I got the Lego Mos Eisley Cantina.

-Aside for gushing over Star Wars Lego-
This set has some really cool pieces (the Dewback is not so hot, you can pretty much make a Dewback out of it and that's it) but the best parts are the Sandtrooper mini-fig and the Greedo mini-fig. A Greedo mini-fig finishes third in my collection of cool Star Wars mini-figs. The Stormtroopers look awesome (my second and third faves in the same set!) but my favourite remains Boba Fett. They did a really good job on him. And now they have a new Falcon out! It looks better than the one I bought myself because it doesn't have those moulded pieces that are uncool.
-Aside Terminated-

This year's celebrations culminated in a great game of Apples to Apples, which we also got for Voodoo Day. Much wine was consumed, much joy was spread and much partying was done. Another stunning success!

Hope your holiday season is as cooltastic as mine...
Merry Christmas!