Le Foot

I really want to go see the World Cup in Germany 2006. The (exorbitant) ticket prices have been released and so has the schedule.

Now I don't think it's unreasonable to spend 90 EU to go see a match. When I was in Madrid, I obviously wanted to see Real Madrid play but they were out of town. Madrid, thankfully, has a second team, Atletico Madrid. I managed to get scalper tickets outside the stadium the day of the game (the wicket was sold out). I paid 75 EU for a 60 EU seat, the cheapest one available and, to my mind, a bargain. Check here for the prices to Real Madrid games. Take a good look at the prices for the game against Barcelona (their ancient rivals). Yeah. That's right. Now these are scalper prices but good luck trying to get a regular price ticket to their games. From what I hear, there is a multi-year waiting list to get season tickets. Crazy!

In any case, my decision is: do I want to see two round-of-16 games (45 EU) or a semifinal (90 EU)? If I take the two games, well, I get to see two games. But I also have to arrange to be in these two possibly distant cities (not too difficult by train, I'm sure but hotels might be problematic). If I do take the semi-final, I only see one game but, hell's bells, it's the semi-final! A game of utmost importance and sure to be two very high quality teams.

Of course, this is supposing I can even get tickets. The demand is so damn high for these tickets worldwide that they hold a lottery for all the tickets requiring a ton of personal info. If you win, you get a personalized, holographic, non-transferable, laminated (not plasticised) mega-ticket with, I believe, your photo! They go to great lengths to stop counterfeiting these tix.

Finally, I know my wife and I want to go to Germany and see the sights but I'm not sure she'll want to go to the game itself. I'll go alone if I have to but, really, I need to find someone to go with me.