I Ran Out of Ten-Foot Poles (Or: Not Enough People Hate Me)


I support a woman's right to an abortion if her life/health is in danger. No question. First come, first served.

I support a woman's right to abort, unqualified, in the first trimester. I don't consider a group of cells life and if a woman doesn't want the baby, well, who would want a mother that didn't want them. I do not advocate first-trimester abortion as a form of birth control. I think that's just poor judgment. If you don't want a baby, don't do the things that make one. But, again, that's my opinion in a grey area and I understand if you disagree so I wouldn't legislate my opinion.

Unless the life of the mother is in danger, I am against third trimester abortions. If the fetus can survive outside of the womb (yes, it's not great odds early in the trimester), it's alive and, well, I don't condone murder (inflammatory rhetoric? moi?).

In between, well, hmm. I'm not a big fan of harming things with heartbeats and brain activities. There's a pretty big gap between first trimester glob-of-cells and third trimester i-can-get-hiccups. I'm undecided, leaning towards putting the second trimester with the third one. Maybe the fallout from this post will help me come to some decision.

Obviously, I'm using trimesters as rough guides. I'm sure legally you require a more precise standard. Also, as far as quality of life issues go, uh, pray you find out in the first trimester. I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy.

Gay Marriage

The state has no place in our bedrooms, nor does it have one at our altars. Marriage carries with it many legal responsibilities and advantages. I'd say download them all to Civil Unions, stop calling the legal aspect of it marriage (because people are swayed by semantics) and let the restrictions to forming a Civil Union stand as the bar for gaining the rights of marriage. Leave the word 'marriage' to the churches, let any two people form Civil Unions and let's move on with our lives, shall we?

I'm actually not against things like polygamy, either. If a man or woman wants to hook up with any combination of men/women, then more power to them. I suppose that could get complicated, not sure if the law can scale to more than two people. But, really, if three or four or twenty people want to do it commune-style, and the law can support multi-person relationships (perhaps business ownership models can apply?) give them all visitation rights and pension payouts. An ye harm none, do what ye will and all that rot. Hell, I'd even allow a brother and sister form a Civil Union. If it would have helped Matthew and Marilla raise Anne, I am all for it.


Can we please legalize this? It's no worse for your health than cigarettes and can impair your judgment about as much as alcohol. Society hasn't imploded with those two around, Prohibition didn't work, people are gonna do it anyways and it's not a drug that leaves you in an alley looking like the undead. So can we just start a new industry, create a bunch of jobs, cut off a source of criminal revenue and tax the hell out of it, already?


See above, except add the improved health and welfare of a lot of women.