Press Start

The Anthropic Principle essentially says, "Hey, isn't it crazy that the laws of the universe exist such that humans can exist within it? Huh, ain't it?" The implication being that the universe was created/designed such that humans were the ultimate goal of said universe.

It is true that there is a finely balanced dance of physical constants that does allow life to flourish on Earth. That, however, does not imply the creation of the universe was meant to lead to episodes of "I Dream of Jeannie", the CN Tower or even LL Cool J. When I was much younger and began to see how deftly balanced the laws of nature were, I began to ask myself the question that the anthropic principle asks: is this universe made for you and me? It was part of my natural curiosity towards the world of physics. I did not expect to find the face of God in a calculus equation, nor did I ever end up finding one. The universe is a marvelous place with wonders and coincidences that seem impossible but for a hand divine. Nevertheless, the universe is a big place. In fact, it encompasses all of the word "place". The genesis of the universe (if such a thing can be shown to have occurred) may well have resulted from a series of failed, unstable prior universes, each one closer to our own livable current revision. There are as many theories as there are philosophers (perhaps as many as all the parallel universes!) and each one explains the world around us in its own way.

I've reconciled myself to living with the mystery of origin, the concealed purpose of life, the unknowable darkness that, in the end, allows us to define our existence for ourselves.