Pimp My Bride

I find that all of my friends have suddenly hit peak marrying age. If we consider the number of weddings per year histogrammed by year, this must surely be the peak of the gaussian. I've been invited to nine weddings this year. I had two this weekend.

On Friday in Ottawa, my old roommate from my Nortel days, Rob, got married. Highlights: Ceremony that lasted less than five minutes, truck dumping stuff and reversing (beep beep beep) throughout the ceremony, my wife being called Robot by a six-year old and staying at the Chateau Laurier (swanky!).

On Sunday in Montreal, my old buddy from high school, Mark, got married. Highlights: Sean mistaking two players for three in beach volleyball, a ceremony that lasted a full hour in three languages (all chanted), watching Mark dance, getting seated next to one of the most tireless mouths I've ever met.

Next step: kid birthdays...

Final step: funerals.