I Gotta Wear Shades

There is a fight going on to equalise. Gender, ethnicity, sexuality. The fight for an equal opportunity. Minority representation, pluralism, cultural openness.

I am certain that all of these equalities will be realised one day. We're on the right track here in Canada at least. Things are getting better from where I sit (I admit that my chair is quite nice). Sure there's work to do around the world but the idea of equality is, I feel, unstoppable. Since the US constitution put those words in writing and gave people a living, evolving example, it has become a given worldwide that all men are indeed created equal. Those words instilled in people a sense that they, too, deserve a fair shake. Time has only given us a growing number of examples of the concept of equality become the reality of equality. Certainly the execution of that reality is imperfect. The journey is definitely incomplete, work remains.

But I cannot help but feel that one day, people will all have an equal opportunity. One day we will all be elbow-to-elbow at the trough, fighting one another for the chance to get rich off the back of someone else. All of this without regard to skin colour, heritage, gender, or religion.

It's a beautiful, human future.