I often find myself considering what kind of wrongs I would do to achieve what I feel is right.

There's the low-level, trivial questions of creating a heartless but popular work of art that opens the door to a personal, more meaningful work (think Spielberg being forced into Jurassic Park 2 to get funding for Schindler's List). Would I do that?

Then there's the desire to enter politics and perhaps work to help people and communities improve in a way that I think is best (let's be honest, populism is as rare as the altruism upon which it is based, not to mention as unappreciated, risky even, as can be). Surely a life in politics involves, well, politics. The dirty, cutthroat world of governing requires a certain level of turning-blind-eyes, back-scratching and cruelty. Would I have the appetite for destruction that comes with public service?

How does a person balance a small wrong against a large right? Can that even be evaluated? People are forever committing small injustices against one another and justifying them with a "greater good" argument. The ability to rationalize one's own flaws is possibly human nature's greatest weakness.

I don't have a one-size-fits-all policy, I take things case by case. I screw up, I succeed. Hopefully, I learn. Wrong versus right. The fight continues.