"So, did you like it?"
"So, was it good?"

I had a discussion with a friend recently about movies. I wasn't sure whether it was better to say "It was a good movie" or "I enjoyed the movie". It came down to the realization that those are independent things. I can appreciate the fact that a movie might be good in a technical sense but still not enjoy it (for me Titanic is one of those). Or there is a movie that I find no real flaws in but simply come away from it feeling flat, no reaction (The Matrix). On the other hand, I can see where a movie is deeply flawed from a movie-making aspect but still love it (Clerks would fall into this category).

This applies to any field of art. There is certainly music that I acknowledge requires very little work or complexity but is still very enjoyable. Paintings, theatre, etc, any endeavour can be measured and are evaluated on two axes. I have to admit that I did not make this distinction until I started thinking about it a few years ago and finally reached this conclusion on the weekend. I suppose from now on I'll be much more verbose when someone asks me to review a movie. That's what I'm always looking for, ways to be more pedantic.