Finish Line

Thus ends the Fringe. I would rate our last two shows a 9 and an 8. A pretty strong finish, and the performance of 9 was with a sell-out crowd. That's a nice feeling to sell-out a show. I also received my own personal negative review by a Fringe critic. But I have to admit that that night was my worst performance (the troupe as a whole is not proud of that 5 we did) so I can't really complain.

As it stands, I'm glad it's over because right now I'm exhausted and spent. I need to relax for a few days before launching into a weekend of more performing. The whole experience was amazing. Meeting artists, learning about how to promote and publicise yourself and a show, seeing some amazing shows, generally carousing and having a blast at the Fringe was something I'll always remember. I feel I made the most of it and enjoyed every second.