Please, if you wear a tuque purely for fashion purposes, just stop. I live in Montreal. It reaches -30 Celsius regularly during winter. The wind chill takes us to -40 frequently, sometimes -50. That's cold. During this cold spell I wear a tuque. I am not trying to set the trend, appeal visually to women or enhance my street cred. If I don't wear a tuque the cells of my skin, particularly those around my ears, will die and cause me great pain. I have to wear a tuque.

If you are wearing a tuque just for show, you are goddamn taunting me and I won't stand for it. Would you go out of your way to eat a whole roasted chicken in front of some starving kid? No, you wouldn't (don't be a smart-ass, you wouldn't). So take your frikkin' tuque, put it back in your closet and remember where it is when it becomes a necessary survival item.

Man, I hate you people.