There is a mathematician in the Congo hoping he carries enough ammunition. There is a poet in the Gaza Strip with a heart filled with vitriol. A biologist sells drugs on a street corner in Mexico City wondering why his brother was kidnapped last week. A playwright wastes away from his drug regimen in the Sudan. There are two siblings, comedians, weaving carpets in India unsmiling. A physicist wanders outside my door looking for a warm doorway or an air vent.

The day must come when we can all do the things we should be doing. Change must be brought to our systems and societies, our cultures of consumption and disposability, our selfishness and short-sightedness.

Do it. Do it today by taking the time to evaluate your purchases and the companies you buy from. Do it now by volunteering your time, the only thing you can truly give. Do it immediately by identifying and challenging hate and fear in all its forms but most importantly identify and challenge the hate and fear in yourself. Do not placate your conscience with vague promises of "later". Act locally and try to see the consequences of your own everyday actions. Do it so that we individuals can shape what small spheres we do control. Do it so others are not forced to surrender their dreams, their contributions, their roles in our lives to man-made tragedy for surely nature has an infinite store of them.