So I had my doctor's appointment today to find out exactly what caused my operation. The good news is: I don't have "make-out-your-will" cancer because they didn't see any in the biopsy but they can't rule out one specific type because the cells were too immature. So I have to get bloodwork to check for viruses (which could have caused my lymph node to swell up). I am also going in for an ultra-sound to check for other lumpiness (or babies! Maybe I have ovaries...).

So if the virus tests are negative, then I have to wait to see if anything comes back. If lumps comes back, then it's a treatable cancer. If nothing comes back, then I had some weird virus and my system worked it out. If the virus tests are positive, then I get treatment for them. Because it's close to the holidays, I might not get those results until January.

I will also have to go in for frequent check ups now for the rest of my life to be vigilant for unwanted groinal growths. The wanted groinal growths will continue unabated.