There are many reasons to blog. Some people do it to let their friends know what they're up to. Others do it for attention. Some for private thoughts. A good many blogs are to share thoughts on a shared interest. There are probably a good few out there by aspiring writers as well. Most blogs are probably a mix of all the above.

What I wonder is: how many people believe their blog is something of a legacy, words left behind to remain after their passing. 1975-2025. That's fifty years for me. I well imagine it could be far less, but so far I've had nearly thirty. That's not bad. Can't really complain too much about thirty years of life in the First World. I've got silver spoons coming out my nose. But I don't have the delusion that come 2099 Corpse Countdown, 1975-2025 would mean anything to anyone. Pointless in 2099 or 7811 or 37831 or 16 PE (post Earth). It will be as meaningless to them as Hurrg Getfood, 17123 BC- 17049 BC is to me. This blog does little to preserve my name, even in alias. In fact, to me, it is a given that such a goal is futile.

The greatest charioteers of Rome, whose statues stood a hundred feet tall in the centre of the mightiest Empire known to date, are barely known to historians who specialise in the field. That's after having a ton of stone-etched writings, statue remnants and peripheral mentions in other works preserved after only about 2000 years. Good luck to you, buddy, if you think you or your blog, perhaps even humanity itself will be remembered for anything other than a blink in cosmology.