On my way into work, I often get stuck in traffic. I at least have someone to keep me company seeing as I carpool. My carpool buddy and I have recently come up with a depressing game that passes the time.

1) Get into the left-hand lane (or right-hand lane for you British-emulating weirdos).
2) One person is "SUV" the other is "Carpool".
3) SUV counts the number of SUVs that pass in oncoming traffic.
4) Carpool counts the number of cars with more than one person in it.
5) Try it a couple times and find the right ratios for your area.
6) Once you get a grip on the ratio (in Montreal it seems to be 2 carpool to 1 SUV), someone picks a number and one of the two categories (eg: 10 SUV).
7) The other player is automatically the second category with the correct ratio. So if 10 SUV is selected in Montreal, the other person is 20 Carpool.
8) The first person to count to their target number in the opposite-flowing traffic, wins.

No one may select Regular Car, One Person as that is 95% of traffic on the roads.